Travel & Tourism

This page is a collection of samples from our Travel and Tourism class. Please see the headings below to find examples for whichever lesson you are working on. Please check back for updates. If you review the samples, you can get ideas for your own projects.


Lesson 1
L1: Welcome to the Course - Good sample of thoughtful answers to all 6 questions

Lesson 2: About Me
L2: About Me - Hilarious story

Lesson 3: Things to Know
Using Zoho Show - an online slideshow program
Google Slide Show- creative way to do this assignment


Lake Tahoe
Travel Budget
Budget with table - Tells a good story and details how all the money was budgeted
Budget with table - Has a fantastic description with specific examples of cost
Slideshow Presentation of Budget- Using
Outstanding Details of Lake Tahoe Trip -

Sedona, AZ
Sedona, Arizona - Slideshow using Gdocs
Sedona - Bright, slides and pictures, really good details using Google Docs
Sedona Slideshow - using Voicethread, an audio and image presentation

Northern California Coast- Using Slideshare

Kauai Comparison in a Quiz Format - using program called Quizilla

Cancun- using slideshare
Cancun - Using Voicethread a combination of audio and pictures
Cancun- Using Zoho Show. Good pics, just be careful about text getting cut off.

Acapulco- note: good organization and links

Google Map of Vancouver - well written descriptions


Paris Itinerary with Descriptions - Using a Wiki with pics to help showcase
Paris Itinerary - Using Google Docs but with lots of pics.
Paris Presentation - Using, an online presentation program .
Paris Presentation - Amazing graphics, using slideshare -

Map with Questions- Using Google Earth
Using Google Maps and Google Docs -

Digital Brochure for Tuscany
Created with Microsoft Word and Uploaded to Scribd-

Norway and Denmark and Sweden
Scandinavia Test- note: Very well organized and meets all the requirements.


Montego Bay Jamaica
Compare 2 Jamaican Resorts - Using a wiki
2 Jamaican Resorts - Using Google Presentation
Montego Bay- note the great pics used to help tell the story of this vacation spot
Montego Bay - using Google Docs.
Jamaica Comparison - Using


Sydney - Using Google Presentation
Sydney - Using a Wiki with lots of pics


Johannesburg - Using Google Docs


Beijing using a Webpage
Zoho Show Presentation - Great writing and pics

Powerpoint of Bangkok- Good organization
Bangkok - Using a slideshow presentation called Slideshare


Translation Tips (not doing this semester)

A great display of the travel vocabulary in the unit as well as the 5 languages needed for this assignment. Well written

CIA Factbooks (not doing this semester)

Japan- Please note the style she used to include normally boring facts.
Aruba- Note the elaboration used to describe Aruba.